The new plant was completed and started to move

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July 2017 is our Jian Teng motor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., the move of the month.

Our headquarters in Shanghai is located in Jingan District. The production center of the company has been relocated to Xuancheng, Anhui. Here, we have a clean and bright administrative building and well equipped production workshop. In order to speed up the relocation, employees are not afraid of hot summer and overtime work. This spirit of work is worth learning.

Last night, the fight had gone back to the north, and this was the east of the age. Our company has worked hard through many years' efforts, and at this stage, the construction and service system of the company's hardware facilities has matured. Over the years, the company has always adhered to the requirements of customers, constantly improving its service quality, and now has established cooperative relations with many famous enterprises.

Now, the company has laid a solid foundation in the bustling metropolis Shanghai. This move marks the company's new step. The company will show a new look to everyone, serve our customers with new ideas and qualities! The electrical industry is an industry that is full of challenges, but we believe through The efforts of all staff will make the company develop steadily and steadily.

As the employees of our company, what do we need to do in addition to the exultation of the general company? I think one is to consciously maintain the corporate image of Jian Teng motor, people oriented, work hard with the help of the good development platform of the company, and win together and win together. Since each of us from the day of joining the Tengen motor, our career development and harvest have been firmly connected with the company, and the company is growing, and we naturally have more opportunities and gains.

Today, we hesitate to me confident; show the future, we are full of pride. It is hoped that the whole zengen people will start from today, with full work enthusiasm and good mental state, to create a new brilliance of the NISSEI logistics, and to jointly hold up the sun of the motor tomorrow with a hundred times effort.