Cooperation promotes development and win-win progress.

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There is a cooperation called sincerity. There is a development that can be unlimited, and a partner can win mutually.

In 2017 October, our company and the Dongguan City amateur science & Technology Co Ltd reached a strategic cooperation. Opportunity is rooted in cooperation, friendship is deepened in cooperation, business is growing in cooperation, and dream is developing in cooperation. We hope that in the new year, we will continue to make persistent efforts, win win cooperation and create new resplendence.

Since the establishment of the company for many years, we have learned a lot from our customers, and customers are constantly promoting our development and progress. Our company's development can not do without the support of our customers. As a technical enterprise specializing in Motor Research and development, we know that the choice of the customer to the equipment manufacturer is not only the choice of technology, but also the choice of service guarantee, but also the choice of long-term partners. We are deeply aware that it is not enough for the customers to choose us. It is not enough to make a verbal commitment. We need to continue to invest in R & D to ensure that the product technology is constantly innovating, to improve the service and to make the service more professional and sincere. We need to communicate with our customers to make our products and services better meet the requirements of everyone; need me We keep the company's long-term and healthy development, enabling us to become long-term trusted partners of our customers.

In the coming 2018, our team is stronger than before. We will achieve our goal of investment return with greater ambition and drive. After many years of team building, we have established a knowledge-based, learning, United, efficient, honest, and paid team. We will have a great success in 2018.

In the past 2017, our products may be defective, 2018, we will work harder, strive to fight! We will continue to work hard and keep pace with the times to provide the best service to the customers. I also believe that our company can cooperate with other excellent companies.

Looking forward to 2018, after years of development, we have made preliminary achievements in the field of motor, and the market will give us more room for growth. And we know that all opportunities and achievements will depend on the customer's trust in our company's products. Therefore, we emphasize the thick customer interface, strengthen the cooperation with customers, strengthen the quality management of products, customer service management, continue to converge to the mainstream partners, and guarantee the interests of the partners through contractual management.

In the environment of globalization and multi business, the market situation is changing rapidly, the business opportunities are various but are fleeting. We will welcome the more challenging goal with confidence, and sincerely hope that the partners will cooperate with each other, cooperate with innovation, and win a win-win situation.