Year-end summary

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In the afternoon of February 6, 2018, Xuancheng Jian Teng intelligent transmission equipment Co., Ltd. "summing up 2017 outlook 2018" was held in the dining hall, and the chairman Wang Guangjun of the company took several vice presidents and more than 100 employees and all the staff to join together.

The chairman spoke encouraging, the tea party began at the chairman of ebullience's New Year message, he said:

"In the past year, with the joint efforts of all the colleagues, the company's business has maintained a sustained and steady development and achieved good results. These achievements belong to each of the fortified people, and the future will be more brilliant".

Deputy chief Wang Junfeng summary:

"The company's performance in 2017 and the position of the company's products in the market, as well as the new goal that the company will accomplish in 2018, put the product technology and the Tengen brand on the new peak in 18 years."

Meanwhile, chairman Wang Guangjun said that the company's achievements can't be separated from everyone's efforts. We hope to unite in the new year and cheer up our sleeves together.

At this moment, there was a clap of applause in the auditorium.

In this commendation conference, we have awarded many awards including outstanding staff, in order to commend the outstanding people.

The prize is always a surprise, and the lottery has always been a very expected reservation in the tea party. In order to make all the staff able to go back, the company prepared a number of beautiful gifts. With a gift of surprise and warmth, the scene of applause and laughter.

The new spring tea party finally falls down in a piece of laughter and laughter, believing that it is because of our effort in the past year that the most brilliant smile will bloom at the end of the year, the old year has become a thousand brocade, the new year will come to a hundred feet again, and we look back at the 2017, and we have walked through many glorious years, looking forward to 2018. One, Jian Teng will continue to unite in the correct guidance of the chairman, create brilliant.