Party branch establishment, leading the company development.

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With the increasing trend of the young management of the management of the company, the Committee of the branch of the Xuancheng gengten intelligent transmission equipment Co., Ltd. was established by the Party committee of the economic and technical development zone. The Party branch of Jian Teng company was formally established in December 2017. There are 4 regular members and 1 probationary members. 4 Party members are distributed in various administrative departments, shouldering the party's mission, taking the leading role of the exemplary vanguard of the party members in the work, and becoming a model in the work and a model for all the staff to learn. We believe that, with the establishment of the Party branch and the continuous expansion of the party members, under the impetus of these excellent party members, tomorrow will be better.

In January 2018, the Party branch held a conference of Party members and elected a branch secretary. The establishment of the Party branch of the Tengen company is a major opening in the party building work of non-public enterprises. It is an important measure to expand the coverage and influence of the party. It is also a happy event in the political life of all the members of the company, which will have a profound impact on the development of the company.

At the meeting, the chairman of the company congratulated the Party branch of the company and offered the hope that the first is to play the role of a good branch and Party members, drive the staff of the company well to realize the win-win of the party construction and the development of the enterprises; two, the members of the branch and one class are closely united and learn from each other, according to the requirements of the party constitution and the organization construction. To do a good job in the construction of the branch, each member of the branch will become a party building work; three of all the members of the branch of the branch are subordinate to the new branch leadership, under the leadership of the branch, fully play the role of the vanguard model, and build the branch into a good branch to satisfy the satisfaction of the company and make the company satisfied.