Review the struggle, and then the new chapter

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The moon opens the new dollar, the world is another spring! It is the beginning of the nine month, Jian Teng motor start date of the lunar new year. After a happy, peaceful and relaxed Spring Festival holiday, on the morning of February 24th, the staff from all over the country came back to work on time to open up a new year's journey.

In February 25, 2018, the first month of the lunar calendar was ten, Li Chun, at 8:58 a.m., in our factory, the guns were ringing, and all the people gathered together to hold the ceremony for the opening ceremony of the new year's 2018 new year. The booming salute and firecrackers indicate that the production and operation of the company will be prosperous in the new year. In 2018, the company's performance will surely rise steadily.

In this happy day, the leaders and colleagues worship each other in their late years. They wish each other a blessing and cheer each other, speak the goals and aspirations of the new year, express their confidence in the next work and wish for the good tomorrow of the company! At this moment, there are no leaders, no employees. Everyone is the builder of the company. They are closely related relatives and brothers and sisters.

We have expressed that in 2018, we must take the company as a home, loyal to the company, the construction company, the dedication of the company, with high work enthusiasm to grasp the business, create benefits, to make the greatest contribution to the brilliant future of the company!

In 2017, under the care of the leaders of all walks of life, under the support of the customers, under the guidance of the leading team of the company, under the joint efforts of the people, the company adheres to the global development strategy of all directions, high levels and wide fields, and has made outstanding achievements in many aspects, such as e-commerce, new product research and development, electric machine manufacturing and so on. A breakthrough has been made in all the work. In 2017, the business indicators of public companies increased steadily, and the total business revenue and profit reached a new high. This achieved a new leap in the development history of the company.

Review the course of struggle, a new chapter. The new year opens new hope, the new course carries the new dream, the spring wind has started the war drum, the new year has sounded the horn, all the staff of the company have been ready to send, we will go hand in hand in the new year with a new posture and unstoppable momentum, and create a new chapter in the New Year!